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Cobalt At Kubicek Farms

Cobalt Hybrid St. Augustine has been released by Texas A&M University's Turfgrass Team and will be found across the southern half of the United States where St. Augustine grasses are suited to grow. Cobalt can be purchased from farms and distributors licensed to grow Cobalt.

Two Ways to Purchase Cobalt St. Augustine


Find a Licensed Producer of Cobalt St. Augustine


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Find a Farm Near You Growing EMPIRE Zoysia

  • Woerner Companies
    Foley, AL
  • King Ranch Turfgrass
    Belle Glade, FL
  • Green Grass Farms, LLC
    Greenwood, FL
  • Woerner Farms
    Bronson, FL
  • Woerner Farms
    Clarksville, FL
  • Sodmasters
    Montrose, GA
  • Green Acres Turf Farm
    Furman, SC
  • Nimmer Turf & Tree Farm, Inc.
    Ridgeland, SC
  • All Seasons Turf Grass, Inc.
    Brookshire, TX
  • Coastal Turf, Inc. (Texas)
    Bay City, TX
  • Hansen Farm
    Bay City, TX
  • Central Turf Farms, Inc. 
    Wharton, TX
  • Horizon Turf Grass, Inc.
    Wharton, TX
  • Kubicek Turf Farms
    Wharton, TX
  • Billy Mayfield Farms
    Elm Grove, TX
  • Gulf Coast Ag
    Bay City, TX
  • Bill Murff Turf Farm, Inc.
    Crosby, TX
  • Rod Grass Farm, LLC
    El Campo, TX
  • Triangle Turf Co., Inc.
    Bay City, TX
  • Phillip J Huvar Farms Inc.
    Garwood, TX
  • King Ranch Turfgrass
    Wharton, TX
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